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A community that generates business worldwide for its participants

Some companies from different countries are already looking for their new Collaborators on Rockwell.

Take advantage of the INDEPENDENCE MONTH Promotion, and sign up today for just 29 dollars, euros or pounds per month.

For subscriptions with monthly payment, a profile development fee of 15 dollars, euros or pounds will be added to the 1st monthly fee.

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Take advantage of the iPROSPER® GROUP, and sign up today for just $29, €29, or £29 a month.



Compete to 24/12/6 Free Months of Rockwell, with your Professional Profile published for free in 10 countries.

We will raffle 24 people in each country where the tool operates, with 08 raffleds per date.

People of all nationalities can participate, as long as they understand Portuguese or English.

People from countries where the platform is not yet present will have their profiles published in the countries where the platform operates.

The Raffles will take place on July 17th, 24th and 31st.

July 17th

Raffle of 24 months free.

July 24th

Raffle of 12 months free.

July 31st

Raffle of 06 months free.


Sign up to HOPPER up to 06 hours before the raffle, which will always take place at 9 pm (PST).


When you sign up, you already get your 1st month free.




US$ 29

€ 29

£ 29



Winners will be notified by Whatsapp within 18 hours after the raffle.


Make your registration through PayPal, and after finishing, send the code SORRW-EN to Whatsapp +55 31 98435-7275, or wait up to 24 hours for automatic confirmation from PayPal.

After confirmation of registration, we will send instructions for creating your Professional Profile, which will be published in the tool within 7 working days.

─ Attention ─

The deadline to participate in the next raffle ends in

Finalize your Registration

Added Service Fee



Resources Of Your Virtual Booth On The Platform

Your booth is connected to your professional Instagram account.

There is a space for you to introduce yourself, your Whatsapp, Chat and Email, for any visitor to contact you.

(New) Your work on the Site Cover

Every 72 hours, we will select a work by each member to be on the platform home, and to be seen first by all visitors.

(New) Your works on our Official Instagram

03 of your works will also be published on our Official Instagram.

(New) Monthly individual Consultation

30 minutes of Individual Online Consultation to analyze the performance of your booth in terms of visits and sales, and suggest changes.

(New) Your works on our Facebook Page

03 of your works will also be published on our Facebook page.

Connected to your professional Pinterest account

Used to expose your work. You post your work on Pinterest, and it is exposed on your booth.

Connected to your professional Twitter account

Connected to your professional Instagram account.

Communication with visitors

Your booth has several means for visitors to get in touch with you.


In addition to Consulting, all members have Online Support from Monday to Friday on working days, via Whatsapp and Chat, from 10 am to 10 pm, to clarify any questions.

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Personal or Professional Profile

You can create a Personal or *Professional Profile.

*Professional profiles generate more security for those who wish to trade with you.

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Connect your Social Networks

You will be able to connect your social networks, or even have a Chat to talk with the visitors of your profile.

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Public Profile

Your profile is open to the public to interact with you (and negotiate).


499 dollars, euros or pounds.
Save 581 dollars, euros or pounds.


Immediately after submitting the form, follow the instructions on the page whose link will be displayed, to finalize your registration.


Your application will NOT be valid without this final step.